My rants

This page I’m dedicating to ranting. Feel free to join in. We all need to vent out from time to time. All I ask is to keep it at the professional level. After all this supposed is my writer’s page.
Here goes my first rant of the day. I recently read a nice blogpost on the mistakes new writers make. The most common ones, from passive language, head hopping, plot holes and so on. But it didn’t support the points with specific examples. It is as good as saying to a novice you are using too many similies, but would this new writer know that you’re talking about words as and like? It is ok to use the jargon, but show us what you mean. Many writers don’t use fiddlesticks, like TSTL, HEA, and HFN. If you know of others I’d like to know. Go ahead and post some in comments.


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Where romantic fantasies meet history.

Weclome to my blog about romances, some paranormal and some not, with just a right dose of history. There is a plethora of tragic love stories out there that I love to add a magic touch and turn them into something with a happy ending. The way I imagine their love would go if it wasn't forbiden. Hope you find my stories page turning reads.

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