Author Interview: Zrinka Jelic

Thank you Jen for hosting me on your blog today.

Jen's Favorite Authors

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a writer?

I always had a vivid imagination and made stories up, which got me in trouble on occasion since some kids believed me and ran to their parents because they too would like to attend the Dragon Flying Academy. Imagine my mom’s embarrassment when the said parents approached her telling her to make me stop lying. I wasn’t, I was just making up stories. It didn’t occur to me to start writing them down until my high school. My first written story was something about love triangle, can’t remember. It got torn up in a cat fight in the girls’ bathroom when one of the girls wouldn’t let the other read it.

Who are your favorite authors? (Please limit your answer to five or ten.)

There are countless unknown authors whose work I absolutely adore and they need…

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Where romantic fantasies meet history.

Weclome to my blog about romances, some paranormal and some not, with just a right dose of history. There is a plethora of tragic love stories out there that I love to add a magic touch and turn them into something with a happy ending. The way I imagine their love would go if it wasn't forbiden. Hope you find my stories page turning reads.

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